UCB-eCHEM 1A: Online General Chemistry (Part 1 of 4)

This open-access online general chemistry video repository, offered not-for-credit and free of charge from UC Berkeley, provides students an introduction to the world of chemistry as seen from a broad variety of perspectives. With significant funding from the Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, we have created studio-quality video segments based on Chem 1A, a traditional large-enrollment general chemistry course offered by the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.

Course Description

The material is particularly suited to undergraduate science majors and high school students preparing for AP chemistry. High school or community college teachers can also adopt lecture videos or demonstration segments to suit their classroom needs.

With over 400 videos organized into 13 thematic Modules and further subdivided into 38 Lessons, this repository represents a wealth of open-access materials for students of general chemistry. Each Lesson contains roughly the same content as a face-to-face lecture, including the extremely popular ChemQuizzes found in the traditional course. These interactive quizzes offer time for students to pause and reflect before responding to conceptual questions related to the lecture segments.

In addition, quantitative problem-solving methods are reviewed to solve in-depth calculations found in the Nuts and Bolts tutorials. Emphasis is placed on the step-by-step methodology and thought processes involved in solving exercises typically found on exams or in end-of-chapter selections in chemistry textbooks.

Also included are numerous exciting chemical demonstrations, from “Lonnie’s Lab,” that directly illustrate the power and colorful flare of chemistry; the demonstrations are often closely associated with lecture segments, ChemQuizzes or Nuts and Bolts tutorials to provide conceptual background and support.


Topics covered include:

  • the elements and periodic table,
  • stoichiometry of chemical reactions,
  • quantum mechanical description of atoms,
  • chemical bonding,
  • real and ideal gases,
  • thermochemistry,
  • introduction to thermodynamics and equilibrium,
  • acid-base and solubility equilibria,
  • introduction to oxidation-reduction reactions, and
  • introduction to chemical kinetics.

Given the modular nature of the video lessons, a linear progression through the material is not necessary; you can focus on content found to be most interesting or most challenging. We hope the UC Berkeley College of Chemistry eCHEM 1A video repository will serve as a powerful resource to strengthen and reinforce learning in chemistry.

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Starts August 18, 2015

Course at a Glance

10 weeks of study 2-4 hours/week English English & Vietnamese subtitles